I am a 23-year-old artist born and living in Austria. Ever since I was a child, art was a hobby to which I always came back to when things got too overwhelming. I mostly drew things that amazed me and I drew to calm myself down. At that time I couldn't see how important that was for me to develop and grow and find peace.


After an abortive try of attending an art class at the age of 14 and three years of disliking my now time-consuming student life I started experimenting with fluid acrylics in times of stress and as an inner rebellious act against art class. I came back to a less abstract painting style after finishing school. I had more time for myself and I felt the need to dive deeper into art again.


At the moment I'm doing my best to improve my painting skills, besides studying history of art at university. My paintings are mostly women portraiture with surrealistic and fantastic elements.